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Welcome to the TGS Audio home page. TGS Audio offers a wide variety of audio recording and editing services suited to meet your needs.

TGS Audio provides sound effects and background effects for film, television and animation.

TGS Audio can also record vocals from a single person to an entire choir at your rehearsal studio, class room or concert hall.

Spoken word can be recorded in the comfort of your own home. This works well for film, television, animation vocals, ADR, audio books or even stories told by a grandparent. How about radio theater?! Wouldn't that make for a great podcast?

Soon, we will also offer an easier solution for bands. No more carrying heavy amplifiers or drum kits from the rehearsal hall to the studio only to have to lug it all back again. Let the studio come to you so you can concentrate on the music and not the parking meter. Not to mention saving your lower back!


Speeches, seminars, meetings and personal recordings of family history or even messages to loved ones in the armed forces are also something to consider. 
The possibilities are endless!  What's your idea? Let's make it happen!

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